7+ Guests


Three Hour Reservation
11:00 – 2:00 OR 2:30 – 5:30
Thu  |  Fri  |  Sat  |  Sun |  Mon
For 12+ guests, please email us:


To have a confirmed reservation, please reserve one of the Reservable areas below.


Children ages 3-12 years are not allowed.



Groups of up to eight guests are welcome to walk-in. We will seat you in the garden, trellis or lawn as space is available; however, on Saturdays & Sundays in the afternoon there may be a wait to be seated and groups over four may not be seated together.

Lawn #10: 8-12 ppl

Lawn #11: 6-10 ppl

Garden #G5: 6-10 ppl

Garden #G6: 6-10 ppl

Trellis #17: 6-8 ppl

Trellis #18: 6-8 ppl

Trellis #26: 8-10 ppl



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